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We don't just build websites; we build brands.


We create stunning websites that bring out the best in your business and brand.

A website is often a customer’s first impression of your company – so make the first impression count! Our websites are user, mobile and search engine friendly and we can maintain and update your site, as and when required.


Clever social media management can help you reach thousands of potential new customers.

We’ll define your social strategy. Whether you’re looking to grow a YouTube audience, to running social media competitions, we have the experience to get your brand ‘Liked’, ‘Followed’, ‘Re-Tweeted’ and in the social spotlight!


Bring out the full potential of your website and get found on Google’s search engine results pages with our SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ services.

We don’t just drive higher search results, we grow genuine organic website traffic and increase click through rates.


We create beautiful web content, worthy of reading, watching and sharing.

Whether you’re a B2B, Ecommerce retailer or an independent local business; high quality content drives traffic, engagement, brand awareness and conversion.

What are you waiting for? Give your business the kick start it deserves...

What we do

Website Design and Online Marketing Solutions
Ever wondered how to get your business found on Google?

Search Engine Optimisation or 'SEO' is the art of gaining online traffic from search engine's organic results pages. We won't blind you with science, or pretend SEO is some kind of special wizardry, we'll just take the right measures to ensure your website the best search engine position for your desired search terms.

SEO is constantly evolving. Google for example will tweak their algorithms to help deliver the best search results to their users. We'll keep you above the current trends to ensure the online success of your business.

It isn't all about the on page content and the keywords, online marketing techniques such as video marketing can be a powerful form of online content and helps define your overall SEO strategy.... Let's talk about some more inventive ways to help you reach new customers.

  • 95.1% of users click on google's page 1 of search results.

    Can you afford to be on Google page 2?

  • 77% of b2c businesses aquire new customers through facebook.

    Let's utilise Social Media Marketing.

  • 4 out of 5 consumers online shop on their smartphones.

    Is your website mobile friendly?

  • 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool

    Promote your brand with Video!

About Us

Web Marketing Matters is a small yet dedicated team of expert online marketing consultants, creative web designers, social media gurus and PR pros who love building brands and getting them found online.
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Founder & Online Marketing Consultant
Founder and Web Marketing Consultant. I do inbound marketing, branding, SEO and social media. I’m also a runner, musician, DIYer and coffee connoisseur.
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Web Gurus. We need you!
We’re always on the look out for new creative members of our team. If you have a background in Web Design, SEM, Creative Marketing or PR, please get in touch.